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IETE-ISF presents before you the most exciting and enthralling event “Ecrire” the blogg-o-battle. Blogging is a way to put your thoughts in words and express your soul out.

Your limitation—it’s only your imagination. To all the bloggers out there this is a great opportunity for you to showcase your skills and to make an impactful registration of your presence in BIT,sometimes later becomes never so this is your time.

The stage is set, the curtains raised, are you ready to blogg!!!

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🔸 It is an online blog writing event on technical topics where your entries will be published on our blogsite - and a short description out of the blog itself should be provided by the participants to be published on our official Facebook page -

🔸 Participants will have to register themselves to take part in this event Registration form

🔸 The entries should include a composition of your own in minimum 250 words and an associated photograph for the blogsite, with a short 70-80 words description taken out of your blog to be published on our Facebook page solely for the purpose of judgement based on likes and shares.

🔸 The photograph attached should be associated and appropriate according to your topic. It could be real-life image or could be taken from internet. In case of images taken from internet participants are required to mention the URL of the site, for reference.

🔸 Participants need to mention their Name, Branch, Batch, Roll No.

🔸 Participants can send their entries through mail or could also message through the Facebook page


🔸 The entries will be judged on the basis of the technical content of the blog, your creativity and error free composition of the topic. The judging criteria will be Content & Presentation - 50%, Likes & Shares - 30%, Jury decision - 20%.No objections will be entertained by the team pertaining to the final decision of the results.

🔸 The entries should be plagiarism free and grammatically correct, the jury will be monitoring for any piracy and fault on your part. Any fault found on your part will make your entry eligible for default cancellation.


  • 15k worth of prizes + Certificate + Top two blogs will be featured on our official blog site
  • Participation certificate to be awarded to all Candidates.


Deepak Aryan (3rd yr) +91 7717744303
Himanshu (2nd yr) +91 8102020191

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