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The Term Nanorobotics You might be familiar with the term “Nanorobotics” if not then it’s a kind of technology of constructing machines or robots at microscopic size. Then why we adding “Nano” as suffix? Well the components that were used are scale to nanometers. Hence, the products of this technology are named as nanobots, nanomachines or nanoids . Well, this theory or idea was appeared in 1959 by Richard Feynman and his fellow Albert Hibbs.


Nanobots: Just an Idea or really exists in Reality?

Researchers working very diligently in order to bring this whole Idea completely into existence but still it is in development stage. However we got some of initial achivements as well. Molecular Machines and Nanomotors are one of them that has been tested successfully.

How these bots are controlled

As of now these nanobots are mostly manipulated by changing temperature around its area or positioning a gadget called “Scanning Tunneling Microscope” and maybe there is a potential of using radiation to manipulate this tech in upcoming days.

Major Uses and its potential

By using this tech it can propels the development of many other technology like biochip manufacturing, nano-assembly processes, 3D printing at microscopic level as well as it can play the role of nanobot surgeons or nanomedicine, nubots and machine repairing nanobots.

Discussing its great potential

However it can ease the process of many things but researchers are must excited to attain and focused their research in nanomedicine sector, if it is achieved then this trophy going to be counted one of the greatest in mankind advancement. The second interest after the above is nano-manufacturing or nanoassembly. Well, there are many more other potential of this but let’s discuss its two major sectors nanomedicine and nanomanufacturing in brief one by one.

Nanomedicine: Cure of all ailments?

To understand this concept of nanomedicine taking an example of repairing a large broken bridge, many construction workers repair that bridge, by putting every individual efforts in small scale, it gets sum up when the whole work of all of them is get integrated which lead it to accomplishing a macroscopic repairment. Similarly if a microscopic injury or any cellular disfunction happened inside our body we can inject these nanobot surgeons into our body which can perform surgery at microscopic level and can also do deliver the required drug to specific part of our body as required which is impossible by our normal present day conventional methods we have. We can also monitor a patient’s health and its anomalies by the help of these nanobots which remains undetect in our modern day medical analyzing machines. The day when this idea completely came into reality can significantly reduce the mortality rate due to internal microscopic injuries.

Nanoassembly or Nanomanufacturing

The concept tells that it’s just like crafting ownself! Yup, just like a toy robot or a simple robot is being made in factory by computerized manufacturing robots similarly nanoassembly can boost its own production process and or any other nanotech or nano-circuits . Nanobots can do craft biochips, nanocircuits and other nano things much quicker and efficiently comparing to human’s crafting processes. This nanomanufacturing process is boon for boost for their own development of bots.

Progress always come at a price!

All above we discuss about its positive side but we all know that we have to pay something in exchange of betterment. This tech can be a boon and can strengthen the mankind but simultaneously it becomes a curse! If we misuse this tech it can be used as espionage device, if it is developed enough we can obtain information of anyone without their consent by injecting or by any other ways of transmission to reach the target, these bots can be programmed for spying. We can also program this to hunt down someone It can also be used as a biological weapon as well, as its holds the capability to do continual internal damage to someone.

The Conclusion

There are always two paths one is to the glory and another to the destruction it’s all in our hand that how we use this tech just like we have more advance nuclear weapon than having a sustain way to use nuclear source of energy. So, what is your opinion about this…

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