Cyber Security
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There are two terms in “Cybersecurity " Cyber-Means the virtual reality of Computers and information technology similarly Security-means protection.


So here we can say that the Cyber security is the method of defending electronic systems like Computers, Servers, Mobiles, Networks, Data, it may also refer to as information technology security. To protect against Cybercrime, we all people as an individual or a group should be very aware about the technology we are using.

An Organization can protect themselves by using these three steps, which are as follow-

  • Employees should be trained against Cyber security
  • Organizations should be aware about the websites they are using
  • Be aware about downloading and installing.,

Now a days this type of awareness is very important in our society because maximum person are now victims of Cyber-crime. Cyber-crime may be happening with anyone who r using the modern technology.

A common person can protect themselves by following these three steps -

  • Always keep Your Privacy Settings On during work on websites.
  • Try to practice Safe Browsing during websites surfing.
  • Internet connection should be safe and personalize.
  • Never download unnecessary information and application
  • Always choose a strong Password
  • Make your password always private it means never share it with another.
  • Try to avoid talking unknown people in social media.
  • TRY to not share your personal details on social media platforms.
  • Always make Online Purchases from Secure Sites, or the web site who are committed to safe purchasing.
  • Be Careful about your post on social media.

Always remember security is like everything in present days. compromise with security is the biggest loss of life .it is saying that in present day a person had must upload their personal information on technical websites. That’s why we r now more insecure, we have insecurities about our personal details, financial statements, also we may complete insecure about educational policies we choose by online method.

Now in entire world cybersecurity is very big problem because of some security threats and cyber-attacks. In most of the case a victim is not aware that he or she is going to be cheat in this policy, policymaker always try to cheat a person by using a popular brand name so be aware about all that. Many governmental and non-governmental organizations are working to find out the solution of cyber security because Cyber security is one of the international problems all the smallest and bigger countries are dealing with the problem of cyber security. Cyber security has become like a job in present day hacker that’s why it’s trending more and more …hackers always cheat from behind which make us to know more difficult that what happened to us …. Once your personal information leaked then it’s tough to prevent them and a person can face a very big problem.

Benefits of Cyber security: -

  • Protect information’s
  • Protect network and data from authorized access
  • Improve information security, business security etc.
  • Improve stockholder confidence in security
  • Cyber security makes us safer during work on websites and extra internet platforms. Always try to keep you safe by following high level of Cyber security during work on any type of website and internet related services.

Types of Cyber security

There are mainly seven types of Cyber security has been provided us by government and companies also on national and international busses. which are as follow-

  • Malware
  • Emoted
  • Danial of service
  • Man in the middle
  • phishing
  • Password lock

Conclusion of Cyber security

About the Cyber security we can say that if we want to be safe in this technical world then it’s very important for all of us to use the elements which are related to Cyber security. The responsibility of our virtual security is only depending on us. If we are not aware about our personal information

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