Technology And You
@ VAIDEHII | Wednesday, Mar 24, 2021 | 3 minutes read | Update at Wednesday, Mar 24, 2021

The impact of technological know-how is abundant, forcing new methods to mankind the science industry will likely take a new shape in the coming years.


There is unusuality about the pace and nature of technological trade today.Should we be extra involved about the world we are creating?

In modern day, we stay in a digital world more than we live in the modern world. This at once results on the values and expectations we have and the way people think about others. But technology does have the potential to connect gaps when used correctly. It has substantially multiplied conversation international and for that reason has given humans all over the world the probability to interact with others in a powerful, albeit, exclusive way.


It is common for humans to select texting as an alternative of really meeting, or at the very least, calling and therefore listening to another human voice. It is additionally common for people to walk around, or even sit down with others, head bowed to their digital machine beside saying a word. Social interactions and relationships have consequently largely decreased, while human-to-human interactions have been replaced with human-to-machine interactions. Technology has modified human behaviour by creating a gap between people and decreasing intimacy. In an age where robots and AI are slowly changing humans in workplace, this interplay between human beings and machines is solely set to increase. On the social sites, humans create imaginary identities in virtual worlds and spend hours enjoying out parallel identities. A new technology contemplates a lifestyles of transportable computing, finding it natural to suppose of their eyeglasses as display monitors, their bodies as factors of cyborg selves.


The web and digitality are influencing one’s physical and psychological development to a gorgeous extent than we are expecting. One current survey discovered that our average interest span has lowered via four seconds, down from 12 to 8, which is shorter than that of a goldfish. One feasible cause for this limit is the giant amplify in alternatives for distraction. When we all have computer systems in our pockets that allow us to play games, listen to music, and connect with friends whenever we want, why should we tolerate? Of course, this shortened attention span and it possibly comes with consequences.


“The sole component regular in this world is change”. So, why not change for one’s properly health. My article pursuits to make you conscious about the slippery slope we are heading into, think over it a while “is it okay to be a slave of technology, when we fought decades for freedom?”. Humans are crafted to be the wisest amongst all, so why now not select our life-style wisely and restriction our useless marathons on web and together work for growing technology that directs wholesome lifestyles standards.

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